7 Benefits Installing a Monument Sign for Businesses

Some studies have shown that eye-catching monument signs can increase sales by at least 9.3%. Moreover, large storefront signage could boost sales by 7.7%.

That’s a significant increase in profit. Moreover, you could provide more information about your business to passing customers with this increased exposure.

However, are monument signs a suitable investment for your business? That’s for you to decide once you read through these reasons why these signs are better than other available options.

As you read further, you’ll learn about the benefits of installing a monument sign for your business and why it’s a worthy investment.

What are monument signs?

If you are not familiar with these types of signs, you will want to learn the basics of how they work first.

A monument sign is a large sign that businesses, medical and educational facilities, and other locations place on the edge of their parking lot. Manufacturers can craft these signs with varying construction materials and features—like rounded or curved edges or channel lighting.

These signs serve as beacons to snatch the attention of passing drivers and can potentially increase foot traffic.

If having a static image for your business isn’t enough, you can also invest in an LED monument sign to display announcements. Thus, making relaying information to potential visitors easier.

Reasons you should consider monument signs for your business

Various benefits come with installing a monument sign other than the large sign. Throughout this section, you will learn about those benefits and how they can potentially save you money and increase your foot traffic or brand awareness.

1. More durable than other signage

Monument signs are weather-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking down or their colors fading because of the elements. Moreover, since they last for a long time, you will save money on repair, replacement, and maintenance costs.

Because of the various construction materials you can choose from, you can further enhance your sign’s durability without affecting its aesthetics.

2. More use cases than other signs

Not only do these signs serve as a billboard for passing drivers, but monument signs also can have LED message boards installed. You can relay announcements, directions, advertisements, or basic business information with LED monument signage.

While adding these message boards adds additional costs, they allow you to get more out of your investment than a typical billboard.

3. Various design options to choose from

Instead of having a plain sign, you can better present your brand by choosing from various finishes or features like finishes on letters, color choices, illuminated signs, reflective elements, or LEDs.

4. Matches commuters’ direct line of sight

While signs that are higher up can provide better visibility from afar, it could hurt your sign’s visibility. Depending on your location, your ideal customer may likely not look up, hence, not giving them a chance to see your sign.

Monument signs are low to the ground, which means that there’s a significantly higher chance that passersby will see your sign and therefore pull into your parking lot and make purchases.

Also, since they’re lower to the ground, you won’t have to worry about not being able to install them in communities with height restrictions on their signs.

5. More construction material options

Instead of choosing vinyl for your signs, you have more options to choose when having a monument sign for your business. With more construction materials available, you can choose one that better represents your brand, will last longer, or costs less. In short, you have more flexibility.

Here are some examples of the various construction materials you can choose from for monument signs:

  • Foamcore: lightweight and inexpensive
  • Wood: great for projecting a traditional appearance
  • Stone: makes your sign more stable and gives it a unique appearance
  • Concrete: great for durability
  • Metal: gives your sign a sleek appearance
  • Plastic: great for complex shapes, which offers more flexibility for brands with unique logos

Moreover, with more variety in material choices, you can have your sign match your business’ existing architecture.

6. Enhances your business’ marketing

Instead of relying on flimsy billboards or ads, a monument sign will serve as an advertisement that never stops. The sign will always be in front of the eyes of passing drivers, which allows you to show your customers your brand.

If your sign is eye-catching, you will leave your customers with a lasting impression.

7. More acceptable throughout various communities

If your business is in a community with strict sign height or size restrictions, you won’t have to worry about that with monument signs. As you’ve noticed, most schools, businesses, and medical centers have monument signs. That’s because most municipalities will allow them to install these signs.

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