3 Different Types of Channel Letters To Transform Your Business

Channel letters can have a significant, yet positive impact on marketing your storefront. Whether it enhances your branding or attracts customers from afar.

To make the most impact, you will need to choose the right type of channel letter sign to align with your brand’s image.

As you read through this guide, you will learn about the different types of channel letters and their benefits. You’ll also find the various mounting options available.

What is a Channel Letter Sign?

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional graphic elements that act as separate structures. You would also illuminate each letter separately. With channel letters, you aren’t limited to letters, numbers, and other characters.

In some instances, you can use logo boxes as well.

Sign manufacturers will make these signs from acrylic or aluminum sheeting. When ordering these signs, you can choose from a variety of sizes, fonts, and colors.

3 Types of Channel Letters

Each channel letter sign type has distinct advantages to help you gain an edge over your competitors. Throughout this section, you’ll find various kinds of channel letters and how they can help your business.

1. Halo-lit Channel Letters

Halo channel letters are also known as “reverse channel letters,” or “back-lit channel letters.” They’ll give your business a more upscale look by using aluminum returns and metal faces for fabrication.

Because of their polycarbonate backing, insects can’t get inside your letters. You also won’t have to worry about bird nests.

What makes these signs “halo-lit''? Once illuminated, you will see a “halo effect” surrounding each character on your sign.

2. Face-lit Channel Letters

Face-lit, or front-lit, channel letters are the most common. Light will come out from the front with these signs. To customize your letter’s coloring, sign installation specialists will apply acrylic faces to the front of each letter.

You can further break down front-lit channel letters into these categories:

  • Plastic formed: has a molded plastic backer with a raised lip
  • Metal constructed: the industry standard; they’re three-dimensional elements made from aluminum or sheet metal
  • Exposed neon: standard channel letters with clear acrylic covering the sign's neon lights

You can expect LED illumination and aluminum returns no matter what category you choose. Depending on your sign manufacturer, you can also request custom-painted trim caps.

These signs are beneficial because they’re highly customizable and easy to read.

3. Face- and Back-lit Channel Letters

These signs are also known as dual-lit channel letters. That’s because they combine the effects of back- and front-lit letters. Your channel letters will project an outward glimmer and a soft glow around the edges.

You will want these signs if you want your business to stand out among other buildings at night.

Channel Letter Mounting Types

When deciding on what type of channel letter sign you want to go with, you’ll also need to consider the mounting option. The options that you’ll have include:

Backer mount: the sign installation professional will attach the channel letters to a metal cabinet (backer panel). This mounting option also allows you to house your wiring and power supply inside the panel, protecting your electrical components from the elements.

Raceway mount: a raceway is a metal box to house your electrical components. Many landlords or property managers will require this mounting because it requires fewer wall penetrations and protects against undesirable weather.

Sign installers will usually paint the raceway to match your building’s color.

Flush (or direct) mount: a sign installation specialist will attach the letters directly to your building using non-corrosive fasteners. For halo-lit letters, they will use standoff spacers. This mounting option is best for preserving your building’s aesthetics.

The power supply will sit behind the bulkhead wall and connect to one letter with direct mounting.

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