7 Reasons to Get a Digital LED Display for Businesses in Hattiesburg


Digital signage is huge! It’s such an incredibly powerful marketing tool that it gets 71 percent more attention than online ads. It is so phenomenal that it’s current market size stands at a whopping $4.7 billion, and it’s expected to register a CAGR of a staggering 6.4 percent by 2027. A digital LED display is an extremely versatile tool, and if your business in Hattiesburg has been capitalizing on it, it’s about time.

This creates a need for your business to find creative and unique ways to advertise and capture customer’s attention. The question is, how can your business advertise effectively in a digital, super competitive world? Three words:  Digital LED display.

In this post, we’ll explore seven of the most important reasons why your business can benefit from digital LED display and why you need to start using it, like yesterday!

1. Digital LED Displays Are Visually Captivating

One of the best things about having a digital LED display is the fact that it’s dynamic, bright, vivid, and comes with incredible attention-grabbing abilities. With the advancement in technology, most digital signage displays come with high resolutions that capture and hold attention. Whether you have indoor and outdoor displays, you’ll attract customers indoors, and passerby attention outdoors, which is a win-win situation.

While any kind of display, such as traditional signs, billboards, and product displays, may attract attention, digital LED displays leverage motion. They capture a surprising 400 percent more attention compared to static signs. If manipulated effectively, your digital LED display will not only attract attention but influence your call-to-action as well.

2. They Are Super Engaging

If there’s one reason you should get a digital LED display for your Hattiesburg business, it’s because it’s going to engage your customers in more ways than you can imagine. Engages shoppers are more likely to become buying customers. The trick here is to use the display to provide information that makes the customers feel comfortable enough to make purchases.

Gone are the days when choppers had to wait until attendants asked if they need help. People are an impatient lot, and if you fail to engage them immediately, they tend to look for other solutions. A digital LED display can help you offer customers self-service, which will effectively affect your sales.

3. You Can Customize Content

Apart from being captivating and engaging, with a digital LED display, you can customize content to your liking. Unlike traditional forms of advertising like signs, banners, and billboards, you can change the content on your digital LED display at a moment's notice and make it whatever you want.

These displays can host videos, images, animations, seasonal specials, text overalls, etcetera. Do you need to hire help to make these changes? Absolutely not!

You can upload content and make changes anytime from a USB stick, from the cloud, or via WiFi. If you have stores in different locations, you can customize all the displays in those locations to display the same messages, sales offers, or promotions, which is incredible for your brand experience. Can you imagine being able to display one message today and another tomorrow with zero costs?

Even better, you can change the messages automatically and change the messages throughout the day, without lifting a finger. An unexpected change in direction can solicit certain responses. Use your digital LED display to invoke those responses and get more customers.

4. Great Recall and Retention Rates

One of the most significant goals of advertisements is to make customers take action. Place orders and make purchases, right? Or some other call-to-action.

However, sometimes the goal is to inform customers about upcoming sales, in-store offers, sales, promotions, and the like. When you use the digital LED display and utilize video, you’re more likely to experience a higher recall than you would with static ads. According to statistics, about 83 percent of people recall an ad they say over the past 30 days, 65 percent recalled two, while over 40 percent recalled three, which is incredible.

5. Low Perceived Waiting Times

People don’t like waiting in line, and for most, a long queue is enough reason to leave. Over 60 percent of shoppers feel that long lines are the most frustrating part of shopping. For this reason, most businesses have adapted to numerous points of sales and self-checkout, which serve to keep customers from leaving.

That said, there is only so much you can do, and sometimes you may not be able to beat those long queues. What to do? Occupied time feels shorter compared to unoccupied time, which means it’ll be easier for people to wait in line if they’re engaged.

A digital LED display will engage your customers and keep them occupied while the line moves. It’ll be over before they realize it’s their turn, which will minimize the chances of leaving your store irritated.

6. Analytics

Most of the benefits that come with digital LED displays and digital signage can be optimized to give you insightful analytics. For instance, you could have a display that allows customers to check the store’s inventory.

It’ll not only keep those customers engaged, but it’ll show you what products were searched for most if sales are consistent, and what you can do to improve those valuable products.

You can even outfit your displays with video cameras to record customer eye movements, which will show you the part of the display that gets most of the attention. It’ll also show you how long shoppers watch the videos. You can use that information to either shorten your videos or replace them with more compelling versions depending on the results you get.

7. Low Maintenance and High Durability

Digital LED displays are durable and only require low maintenance as they are resistant to damage. Unlike traditional signs, billboards, and banners, which are prone to damages and regular upkeep, digital signage is a cost-effective way to advertise and market your business.

Take Advantage of a Digital LED Display Today!

If you’re in Hattiesburg and you’re yet to capitalize on the advantages of a digital LED display, it’s about time you do it. You are missing out on exponential business growth, and once you install it, you get to enjoy its benefits for years to come.

If you’d like to know more, please check out our website. If you want to get your digital LED display as soon as possible, please give us a call, and we’ll hook you up.