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5 Quick Tips For Business Signage Maintenance

Businesses need to have exterior signages. A striking sign will make your business stand out and attract more customers. You must take good care of your signage in order to extend its lifespan and increase your return on investment.

You have two options for exterior signs: ground-mounted or building-mounted. Ground-mounted signs come in many shapes and sizes and are usually placed near roads to draw motorists' attention. Signs attached to buildings are usually placed near the business. They can be helpful in areas with high foot traffic, such as downtown shopping centers.

A strategically placed sign can communicate a clear message to motorists. Magnetic signs can be placed on your vehicle's side to advertise. You can also pay other motorists for signs to increase their reach. With the impact that these signages can do for your business, it is important that these are well taken care of.

Signage companies should be able and willing to repair signs in the event of severe damage. They should also provide guidance on business signage maintenance best practices.

These 5 tips will help you take care of your business sign if your signage company is unable to repair it or has not gone over the basics of business signage maintenance.

  1. Make sure you have clean electrical signage

You should be able to contact your sign maintenance company to arrange for a visit to take a look at your electric signage. They'll likely open the sign's body to reveal what's inside. Covering the holes for water drainage can be a way to protect the equipment from damage by insects, dirt, and debris. Your electrical sign can easily be blown out by standing water or dirt. These inspections should be done on a regular schedule.

  1. Replace burned out lights

Another useful business signage maintenance tip is to make sure all lighting is functioning properly on your outside business signs. This could include replacing the sign's burned-out lights or changing the lighting in the sign.

  1. Give your business signage a shade

Shades over your business signs can prolong the life of your sign by protecting it from rain and other severe weather conditions. Although it may cost more upfront, the investment will pay off over time.

  1. Protect the foundation

Make sure to check for standing water and dirt near your signage's foundation. Check that drainage is working near your business sign. Water should not pool near the sign. A trench can be placed near the sign to direct water away.

  1. High-quality materials are recommended

DIY signs are possible (some small businesses do this). However, you should use only high-quality materials. It's a good idea to use exterior grade latex, oil-based, or polyurethane colors for your sign panels and solid color stain for your posts. These materials were developed by chemists who keep in mind harsh weather conditions. You can avoid future problems by being thorough. Good signage companies will know this and handle the painting. These are some examples of poor quality sign materials for outdoor signs:

  • Gator board
  • Foam board
  •  Ultra board
  • Acrylic paint for artists (Outdoor acrylics are the preferred choice).

To add, it is always better to be vigilant about the condition and notify your signage company if you notice any signs of wear and tear.

Hire professionals to install your sign. Low-quality materials can crack and become damaged very quickly. Durable materials will last longer.

Signs can be a powerful marketing tool for a company and should be well taken care of, we hope these business signage maintenance tips are of help to you.

Lightning Quick Signs specializes in making and repairing signs. The company's team of experts also offers follow-up business signage maintenance and repair calls and visits to ensure your signs are in the best possible condition. To find out more and to speak with professionals, contact us today at 228-467-1718.

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