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Do's & Don'ts When Using Indoor LED Signs

LED signs are a great part of any company's advertising strategy. They can help build brand awareness and draw in potential customers. The best thing about LED signs is their cost-effectiveness, portability, and ease of installation. All these benefits are only possible if your signage is properly used. To make the most of indoor LED signage, here are some guidelines for businesses.


  1. Choose the best place for your sign

It is crucial to know how and where your message will be seen in order for a sign to succeed. Is your company a busy place that causes customers to wait in line? Is your business a wait-service provider? Are there any features on your products that customers need to know about? This information will help you determine where the indoor LED sign should be placed in your store or service-oriented business. You can also test the signage to make sure there are no visual obstructions.

  1. Use appropriate colors and fonts

Your color palette should complement your content. Look at the color wheel to find colors that complement certain emotions. You should also choose the right background and foreground contrast carefully. Contrasts of white on black and black on black are safer than blue on green and yellow on orange.

Legibility is the most important rule for fonts. Signage that is too complicated to read can become a waste. It is safer to use simple fonts that are easy to read.

  1. Keep your messages short and simple

Many businesses that do regular print and online advertising make the error of using the same content to create their digital signage. However, too many images, text, and messages may not be suitable for an LED screen. You may find software that automatically transforms this content for your digital screens, but it is best to consult a graphic expert before you do so.

Remember that content must be relevant, concise, and clear if you want to create it from scratch. If there is too much text, viewers won't read beyond the headline. They will simply move on to the next thing. Your content must be engaging and short.

  1. Be creative

The best way to express yourself and reach a wider audience is with custom LED signs. Avoid generic signs such as ‘restaurant’ and 'bank'. These will not help your business. Custom signs can be more expensive, but they will bring in more revenue for your company, so it is worth the extra cost. A generic sign won't be as attractive to people because it doesn't offer any incentive for them to enter your business.

  1. High-quality graphics and components

Plastic LED lighted signs are durable and long-lasting. While LED signage can be expensive, it is worth investing in high-quality components. These will last at least ten years with minimal maintenance.

It is important that the components are well-designed. This knowledge is only available to those with a design background. If you want your sign to be a huge success, go the extra mile and create a great sign!


  1. Do not place the sign too high or far

A digital sign should be placed at eye level in your indoor space. People are often walking from one place to the next. Your sign will not be noticed if it is placed too high. You want the sign to be seen by visitors or customers. Consider the location where foot traffic is most common and place your sign there.

  1. Do not add irrelevant information

Relevance is the key. Information that is too large will lead to confusion. It is essential to know what information is most important, and only mention that. The business name is essential, but indoor LED signs do not require address, email, website, and phone number --  customers are already at your store by that time. They can already find all the information they need online.

  1. Do not use signs of low quality

An LED sign should not be a compromise between quality and price. When you use low-quality materials, there is a greater chance that your sign won't last for long. You may see the LED lighting fade away, you may experience flickering and other electrical problems, and the frame might chip.

Indoor signs are often the first thing that people see when they visit your store or organization. Signs that are cheap, ill-designed, and damaged will make a poor first impression and not reflect professionalism. Visitors will feel that you don't put much effort into your business.

  1. Do not blend in with the environment

For example, every business in a shopping center has its own indoor signage. Your signage should be well lit and brightly lit if you want it to stand out in the daylight and at night. Take a look at your competition's use of the same colors. You can use different colors to make your sign stand out so customers see it first.

Your indoor signs play a significant role in making your business stand out from the crowd. Need help? Contact our team of experts at Lightning Quick Signs at 228-467-1718 for a free quotation.

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