How to Prepare for a Custom Sign Installation

To prepare for a custom sign installation, you will need to know the requirements, the type of sign you want, and the installation process.

We have been helping businesses in the Waveland, MS, area for over 20 years with sign installation and maintenance. Therefore, we compiled our knowledge on how to prepare for custom sign installation.

Some areas you’ll need to consider include:

  • How to prepare your business
  • Sign installation requirements
  • A bit of information on the installation process

Let’s begin.

How to Prepare Your Business

How you prepare your business for custom sign installation will differ based on the type of sign you choose. We’ll go into depth regarding that factor in a moment.

However, in general, you will want to take these steps (or consider these factors) to prepare:

  • Deal with regulations and permits
  • Survey your land
  • Find your sign
  • Prepare a work site

Let’s get started.

Understand Your Area’s Regulations

When building outdoor signs in Waveland, Mississippi, you’ll need to fill out the local government’s sign permit application. On this page, you’ll also find Section 405. It contains specific requirements and ordinances for temporary and permanent signs.

Dealing with indoor signs requires you to adhere to fire codes.

Perform a Site Survey

Survey your property before having a custom sign installation specialist come. You will need to take measurements and understand the conditions you will work under to prevent potential mistakes.

For instance, you don’t want to order custom signage that’s 10 feet wide. And your wall is only 5 feet wide. Moreover, you will want to ensure your sign has optimal visibility from the road during the day and night.

Otherwise, you risk having a sign that customers or visitors can’t see.

Know the Sign Type You Want

Before having a sign installation company come to your property, ensure you know the type of sign you want. Let’s review your options:

  • Channel lettering: eye-catching lights to attract customers at night
  • Monument signs: great attracting passing drivers
  • Vinyl covers: excellent for adding advertisements to your business’ windows
  • Pylon signs: helps distance customers spot your business
  • Banners: great medium to promote events
  • Indoor LED signs: display messages for customers

You will want to speak to a sign manufacturer to see their available options. During your consultation, tell them your goals. From there, they will help you choose the right sign type.

Clear the Area

Prepare the area you will install your sign. Place cones around the zones where sign installers need to access to prevent pedestrians from entering.

Keeping curious customers out of these areas will significantly reduce the chance of someone getting hurt from machinery or falling parts.

Sign Installation Requirements

Aside from requirements from your city, which I mentioned earlier, you will need to ensure you have the right equipment to install your sign. You will always need vehicles that can lift the sign and plant it in its spot.

You will also need varying fastenings depending on the type of sign you choose.

The sign installation process will differ between the type of sign you choose. For example, the technician will need to run and test electrical wires when going with channel letters. They will also need to install fasteners and studs.

Whereas, with monument signs, you will need to prepare a base to install your sign. Preparing your base will include digging holes (for installing poles).

Let a sign company deal with installing your custom sign. Lightning Quick (LQ) Signs specializes in sign manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

We’re a family-owned business that’s familiar with the Waveland area. Thus, we can get the permits you need and make recommendations that’ll lead to your sign pulling in more customers.

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