6 Benefits of Using Vehicle Wraps for Your Company

Research suggests that mobile advertising (using vehicle wraps) will pull in 2.5 times more impressions than static billboards. They cost a lot less, too.

If these aren’t enough benefits to sell you on the benefits of car advertising, then keep reading.

Throughout this guide, we’ll explore the importance and benefits of using vehicle wraps including some advantages they’ll give you over your competitors. From there, you can determine whether they’re worth investing in.

1. Reaches More Customers

When driving in a city, over 30,000 to 70,000 people could see it daily. That means your vehicle wrap advertising campaign reaches significantly more people. And those impressions could translate to sales.

Or long-term customers.

Think about how many people will likely see your vehicle wrap ad. It’s more than just other drivers. But you’ll want to consider pedestrians or workers or customers looking through a building’s window.

Those numbers don’t take holidays or rush hour into consideration. Times when significantly more vehicles will roam the roads.

2. Does Not Interrupt Anyone’s Experience

Many other ad formats often come off as aggressive. Or they interrupt customers’ experience. When using vehicle wraps for advertising, you invite people to learn more about their brand.

Without ruining their day. And because of this, they may not negatively associate your brand with inconveniencing them while trying to watch TV or browse the internet.

3. Utilizes Existing Company Assets

Before considering other marketing options, maximize your existing assets. One of them being company vehicles. Design a catchy elevator pitch, slogan, or illustration, and have a sign manufacturer design a custom vehicle or vinyl wrap.

Better yet, include ways to contact your company. Like a phone number or website. Wait a bit and see if you have any inquiries.

You can see whether you need to spend more on other marketing campaign types.

4. Bound To Catch Someone’s Attention

Having a vehicle without a typical single-color paint job will make you stand out among other cars. Because of this, you’re more likely to pull someone’s attention.

Consider this scenario:

There are nearly 400,000 billboards spread throughout the United States. Many drivers may ignore billboards because:

  • They’ve already seen them during their commute
  • Too focused on driving
  • Many may ignore billboards entirely because they’re similar

Creating a billboard that captures a driver's attention takes a lot of creativity (and money). However, you pay less to make more of an impact with vehicle wraps.

5. Cost-effective Marketing Strategy

Companies waste a lot of money on marketing fliers, mailers, and billboards with sometimes little success. Many customers will consider the printed marketing materials as junk mail and toss them in the trash.

And they’ll likely ignore billboards. Or find themselves too focused on the road to read it.

Then you have social media and search engine advertising, banner ads, or video ads. These require a lot of research and have immense competition.

You’ll also need to consider that many customers nowadays use ad blockers. So you’ll have wasted a lot of your ad budget only to find it blocked.

People can’t block vehicle wraps, though. And consider this. You could pay people in other areas to plaster a vehicle wrap promoting your company on their cars.

This further expands your marketing while providing a means for others to make money. 

6. Protects Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Having a vinyl wrap covering company vehicles, you can protect them from scratches or damage from road debris. You can also easily remove these wraps from your vehicle without damaging its paint.

This keeps your company vehicles in better condition. And thus, you can likely sell them for more when the time comes for replacement cars or trucks. Or you’ll have more leverage when trading these vehicles in for newer counterparts.

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