LED Parking Lot Lighting: Top 3 Benefits

The parking lot is where a visitor begins to have a positive experience with a business. The majority of parking lot lights go unnoticed unless they are of poor quality. A well-lit parking lot makes pedestrians and drivers feel safer and more comfortable. However, when parking lots are poorly lit, it will result in the opposite.

Parking spaces should be well lit. This speaks volumes about the establishment, no matter if it's a business or public institution. It sends the message that people are welcome and the establishment is open to them. There are many advantages to installing LED lighting in a parking garage.

LED Parking Lot Lighting Increase Safety and Security

Customer safety should always be the primary goal of any business. With that, businesses must compensate for the darkness at night because parking lots are naturally lit during the day. Parking lot structures that are properly lit increase visibility -- increased visibility can prevent accidents between pedestrians and drivers, which reduces liability for business owners.

Advanced Tech

LED lighting is directional, unlike HID lighting which focuses only on one area and can result in uneven lighting. They can also be "aimed" to direct more primary light towards a specific area. Businesses and establishments located near residential areas can use directional optics to provide a safer environment, without letting unwanted light into neighboring properties. They are also "dark sky friendly". Smart controls allow remote-controlled lighting from either a central command center or a mobile device. The ability to dim the lights can help save energy, regulate specific groups of lights according to commercial demands and the season. This will maximize light when it is most needed and reduce usage when there is less demand.

New LED Parking Lot Lighting Increase Profitability and Revenue

Customers and patrons will be able to see your business better, which in turn increases safety and your profit. LED parking lot lighting can be a great way of advertising a business. Brightly lit areas signal that businesses are open and help customers and patrons avoid getting lost. 

You will immediately notice the following benefits when upgrading to LED parking lot lighting:

  1. Cost-Efficiency

LED lights can are cost-effective. The average HID (high-intensity discharge) light uses between 100-1000 watts. Ballasts are used in HID lights. They conduct electricity and can consume lots of energy.

Parking lots are big energy consumers and contribute to high electric bills. The electric bill can be cut in half by using LED parking lot lighting.

  1. Energy savings

The HID light consumes 100 to 1000 watts while the LED light consumes 40 to 600 W. The LED lighting reduces energy consumption by between 40%-60%. HID lighting is only able to provide 30 lumens per Watt and loses 75% efficiency between the source area and the target area. A good 4000k LED can deliver more than 115 lumens per Watt to the target.

  1. Low maintenance

Because of their innovative design, LED light fixtures last longer. The light output slowly decreases over time, so the fixtures won't need to be replaced often. Due to its longer shelf life and higher brightness, customers would require fewer light fixtures. This will also help with cost-efficiency. Because LED lights distribute light evenly, light fixtures can be placed more widely throughout the parking lot.

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7 Benefits of Vehicle Wraps for Your Small Business

A strong first impression is key to promoting your business effectively. One of the best ways to do it is through vehicle wraps. These are a great way to promote your business. They can be printed on many types of vehicles, and are a great tool for branding and marketing.

Here are some benefits to advertising with car wraps.

1. Attention-Grabbing

Brightly colored vehicle wraps can make your company's vehicles stand out from other vehicles. White vans next to your company's vehicles won't be noticed by drivers who pass them. A vehicle wrap can make your van stand out and get your business noticed. Wraps make people's eyes naturally gravitate to them.

2.  Wider Audience Reach

It's possible reach 10,000-100,000. This is based on how many vehicles you own, how frequently they drive, and how far they travel each day. Vehicle wraps are a more effective way to reach people than any other form of advertising. Vehicle wraps are more effective than websites for many businesses.

3. It's Non-Aggressive Advertising

A vehicle wrap attracts attention to your message without interrupting their reading. Potential customers can easily spot the message without being distracted from their tasks. Advertising that isn’t directly in front of customers will get a better response. Many people love vehicle wraps, regardless of any advertising.

4. Your Brand Is Mobile

Vehicles wrapped with vehicle wraps are going into the potential customers' views rather than having you waiting for a customer to visit your website through search engines or see your commercial on television. Your business and you can reach potential customers wherever you go. There are many opportunities for mobile exposure.

5. Cost-effective

Advertising can be expensive and recurring every month. Vehicle wraps are different. These wraps can be modified to meet your budget and needs. You can make a small investment in the beginning, which is a significant savings compared to other long-term campaigns. The results will last for years.

6. Local Advertising

Vehicle wrap advertising will be targeted because you are targeting the local market. People who see your vehicle wrap will be those who live near you. Local marketing can deliver outstanding results because people love to deal with local businesses.

7. Protection

Vinyl vehicle wraps protect your vehicle's body from scratches and dents caused by road debris. Vinyl vehicle wraps can be easily removed by specialists without damaging your paint. They can keep your vehicle in a better condition when you sell it or trade it.

Vehicle wraps are a great way to promote your business, even though they come with an additional cost. Many business owners find that they are able to recoup the initial investment because their business gets so much exposure. Vehicle wraps can help you stand out among the rest and reach a wider audience.

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Best Reasons to Get Monument Signs for Your Business

What are monument signs for and why should you use them for your business? These are graphic ground signs crafted from various types of materials, styles, and designs.

These free-standing structures could be a powerful asset for your business.

This article explores the practical reasons why monument signs are the best solution for you.

They're Customizable

Custom monument signs make your business stand out from other businesses in your community. Instead of using a standard sign, you can create unique signage that is the perfect representation of your business.

Custom signage can facilitate the process of strengthening your brand's identity and increasing your exposure.

Think of the unique elements of your business and replicate them with your sign. You can design your sign with the color scheme you use for your business, font style, and images that reflect your business.

You also have the benefit of getting unique signage from a reputable service. These experts have the skills to help you get the perfect sign that matches the vision you have for your business.

Regardless of the size or shape you want, you can end up with attractive custom signage that is suitable for your business needs.

They're Cost-Effective

Do you have concerns about not going over your marketing budget? An inground sign is reasonably affordable and can help you to attract many customers for years to come.

This could be a brilliant strategy that allows you to market your business without spending too much money. A monument sign can bring enormous long-term value to your business.

The best part of it is, you will not have to keep spending money to let people know about your business. Once you install your signage, it will always be visible to people for years to come.

No matter where you place your signage, you can lure prospects to your business. Using signage is a powerful marketing tactic that could help you to save money.

This prevents you from spending thousands of dollars on television commercials and print ads to promote your business. So, a monument sign is worth every penny and helps you to advertise your business more effectively.

High Returns for Your Business

A custom sign can help you to get high returns for your business. When you invest in quality signage, you have the convenience to draw more traffic to your business.

Attracting more people to your business gives you the chance to earn more revenue. These signs can help to maximize the operation of your business.

Good Visibility

How can someone find the location of your business? One important advantage you get from installing a monument sign is that it increases visibility.

If someone is having a hard time finding your business, a monument sign makes it easier for them to find you.

Without signage, you could be losing customers who want to use your business. The use of professional signage is a better solution that guides people to your business.

These are eye-level signs that anyone can see at any time of the day. You can also choose to illuminate your sign so that it's visible to people when they are driving past your business at night.

Due to the large sizes of these signs, it is easy for them to draw attention to traffic passing by.

This is an excellent reason for you to consider using signage for your business.

They Create Lasting Impressions

Your signage can have a long-lasting, positive impression on your clients and prospects. Whether you have a new business or need a phenomenal view, you can use these durable signs to your advantage.

These signs are weather-resistant and constructed from long-lasting materials. This saves you the trouble of having to spend more money to make future repairs.

Over time, your signage will continue to remain beautiful, unique, and eye-catching.

If you're working to improve the name of your brand or business, these long-lasting signs make it easier for you to reach your goals. People will also remember your brand's image when you include your logo on these signs.

You also need to make sure that the letters and images you use on your sign are large enough to be seen by the public. Even if people are driving past at high speeds, it's easier for them to observe your large sign from a distance.

Using inground signage is also an excellent option to welcome guests to your business. Placing your signage low to the ground is a clever branding opportunity that leaves an impression on prospects.

This is an idea that you can use long-term to keep attracting people to your business.

No matter where you place your signage, it can enhance the outdoors. You can place them on a patio, landscape garden, the entrance to your business, and other suitable locations.

This is the aesthetically appealing and permanent solution that can help you to grow your business.

Create Monument Signs That Are Ideal for Your Business

Take your company to the next level with the perfect sign that fits your needs. A professional sign crafted from various architectural elements can create so many positive benefits for your business.

Using architectural monument signs give your clients a spectacular view and sends them a strong message about the nature of your business.

Do you need monument sign help for your business? Feel free to tell us about your project!

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