5 Benefits of Using Led Lighting in Your Parking Lot

LQ Signs has helped businesses around Waveland, MS, with parking lot light installation for over 20 years. During this time, we have installed many parking lot lights. So we wrote this guide to help you determine whether it's worth getting LED lighting for your lot.

Keep reading to find the various reasons businesses (of any industry) should consider LED bulbs for their parking lot.

Benefits of Using Led Parking Lot Lights

The following sections will briefly cover solutions that LED parking lot lighting can offer your business.

1: Increases Visibility

LEDs can increase your parking lot's brightness and the range that customers and employees can see. Because of this, when wandering through the parking lot at night or during a graveyard shift, they can see potential dangers in the surrounding environment.

2: Energy Savings

LED Lighting uses up to 75% less energy than conventional lighting systems while generating higher quality light. They also last 25% longer than incandescent lighting. That is because these long-lasting bulbs use significantly fewer wattages than halogen, CFL, and incandescent lights.

An enormous (and obvious) advantage comes from this technology's reduction in energy consumption. However, since they are more efficient and cost-effective than their counterparts, they also have a longer life span.

3: Requires Fewer Fixtures

LED parking lot lights require fewer fixtures because they emit a higher level of light. This means that fewer fixtures are needed to provide the same illumination level as traditional incandescent lighting. This can lead to significant savings in both installation and maintenance costs.

4: Less Maintenance

You won't need as much maintenance when installing LED fixtures in your parking lot because the bulbs have a longer lifespan and offer much higher performance than older bulbs. You also won't have to worry about changing them often, saving you time and money.

5: Safer Parking Lots and More Security

You can strategically place your LEDs to make it significantly easier for people to watch for potential hazards. Avoiding these obstacles can reduce the chance of accidents happening.

Bright LED lighting also gives criminals fewer places to hide. That means your parking lot may experience fewer instances of vehicle break-ins.

FAQ: LED Parking Lot Lighting

Here are some frequently asked questions about installing LED light fixtures in parking lots.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using Led Parking Lot Lighting?

The drawbacks of using LED lights in a parking lot are that they are more expensive to purchase and install than traditional lighting and require more maintenance. LED lights also produce more light pollution than conventional lighting, which can be a problem for businesses located near residential areas.

How Can LED Parking Lot Lighting Improve Safety and Security?

LED lots can improve your parking lot's safety in many ways. For one, the light is much brighter than traditional lighting, so it can help to illuminate dark areas where criminals might lurk.

Pick a Parking Lot Light Installation in Waveland Today

Installing LED fixtures in your parking lot can reduce electricity costs, reduce maintenance costs, and light spots where people would find themselves exposed in a dark parking lot.

But you will need a company that specializes in installing parking lot lights to help.

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