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5 Benefits of Digital LED Displays for Businesses in Mobile

Are you looking for different ways to garner more attention to your company's brick and mortar store? Perhaps you want a way to show clients they're in the right spot for those times they schedule a meeting at your office. Whatever your reasoning, nothing sets as amazing of a first impression as digital LED displays.

They show off your company's logo in an illustrious light, making all the clients in Mobile, AL give your company a second and third glance.

Be sure to read below for more information on the benefits that digital LED displays can bring you and your company.

1. Boosts Brand Recall

Have you ever had a store that you've driven by several times and admired their high-quality LED sign? While you might not have needed their service right then, odds are, they were the first one you called when you did need their products or services.

Why? Because their sign built brand recall in your mind. It put a mental note in your mind to remember their company simply due to a good-looking sign.

Still not believing that LED signs have that kind of power?

What propels you to try a newly-built restaurant for the first time? What entices you to walk into a store you've never walked into before?

The sign. It piques your interest enough to remember their brand.

While there are many other methods of building brand recall, your digital LED display is the best way to push your brand out into the local market.

2. Directs Focus to Your Store

As you undoubtedly know as a business owner, the aspect where you spend most of your time is convincing different people to walk into your store. If you can do that, then your product and service will sell itself.

How then can you get people to focus enough of their attention on your store? What can separate your company from all the other Mobile, AL businesses around you?

No other sign gathers quite as much attention as a digital LED display. They stick out on the side of the road and direct the eyes of everyone that passes them to the words you've placed on them.

The different messages that you send to your community via your LED display will help you establish your brand. For example, doing things such as wishing people happy birthdays and rooting for the local sports team can make your brand more personable.

3. Pitch Anything That You'd Like

Imagine having the opportunity to pitch different aspects of your business before your customers walk into your store for the very first time. The sales process would begin before you've even met them. Now that's power!

Digital LED displays help you send any message that you desire to the great people of Mobile, AL. You can incentivize them with discounts on certain items, buy one get one promotion, free consultations, and whatever else your heart desires.

They allow you the opportunity to push as many promotions as you'd like, ensuring that everyone who passes by will see them.

You no longer have to spend the first 10 to 15 minutes of your initial meeting explaining discounts and current promotions. Your digital LED display will do that for you!

4. They're Interactive

Gone are the days where people have the attention span to read through stagnant advertising pieces. These days, clients want action. Therefore, it's now interactive ads that rule the world.

Any time you can place motion in your signage, it bodes well for the likelihood your prospects will retain the information you give them. Even subtle things like cutaways and transition animation will bring more attention to your LED sign.

The interaction and motion in your LED display will give off the impression that your brand is more exciting than others. It will also help your company seem more modern than those with stagnant signs.

For example, say you're trying to find a church in Hattiesburg, MS. You find two right across the street from each other; one with an old marquee board and one with a digital LED display.

Odds are, you'll try out the one with the digital display because it seems more modern and exciting than the one with the old, worn-out sign in front. People use this same thought process with the companies they decide to do business with.

5. Easy Installation and Updates

If you're going to pay for a digital LED display, then you'll want to have access to its features relatively quickly.

Lucky for you, they're easy to install almost anywhere. The company you purchase from will have your sign up and running as quickly as possible. Then, the top concern becomes learning how to update the messages on your display.

In order to customize your display, all you need to do is update it via your preferred digital device. It doesn't matter whether it's pouring down rain or sunny skies; you'll be able to update it at any time, day or night.

With such fast installation and easy-to-use features, digital LED displays are a must-have for your business.

Invest in Digital LED Displays for Your Company Today

Now that you've seen all the amazing benefits you can receive with your digital LED displays, it's time to find the right company to purchase from.

Be sure to read up on the sign installation process for more information on what you can expect after purchasing your LED display.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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