Do's & Don'ts When Using Indoor LED Signs

LED signs are a great part of any company's advertising strategy. They can help build brand awareness and draw in potential customers. The best thing about LED signs is their cost-effectiveness, portability, and ease of installation. All these benefits are only possible if your signage is properly used. To make the most of indoor LED signage, here are some guidelines for businesses.


  1. Choose the best place for your sign

It is crucial to know how and where your message will be seen in order for a sign to succeed. Is your company a busy place that causes customers to wait in line? Is your business a wait-service provider? Are there any features on your products that customers need to know about? This information will help you determine where the indoor LED sign should be placed in your store or service-oriented business. You can also test the signage to make sure there are no visual obstructions.

  1. Use appropriate colors and fonts

Your color palette should complement your content. Look at the color wheel to find colors that complement certain emotions. You should also choose the right background and foreground contrast carefully. Contrasts of white on black and black on black are safer than blue on green and yellow on orange.

Legibility is the most important rule for fonts. Signage that is too complicated to read can become a waste. It is safer to use simple fonts that are easy to read.

  1. Keep your messages short and simple

Many businesses that do regular print and online advertising make the error of using the same content to create their digital signage. However, too many images, text, and messages may not be suitable for an LED screen. You may find software that automatically transforms this content for your digital screens, but it is best to consult a graphic expert before you do so.

Remember that content must be relevant, concise, and clear if you want to create it from scratch. If there is too much text, viewers won't read beyond the headline. They will simply move on to the next thing. Your content must be engaging and short.

  1. Be creative

The best way to express yourself and reach a wider audience is with custom LED signs. Avoid generic signs such as ‘restaurant’ and 'bank'. These will not help your business. Custom signs can be more expensive, but they will bring in more revenue for your company, so it is worth the extra cost. A generic sign won't be as attractive to people because it doesn't offer any incentive for them to enter your business.

  1. High-quality graphics and components

Plastic LED lighted signs are durable and long-lasting. While LED signage can be expensive, it is worth investing in high-quality components. These will last at least ten years with minimal maintenance.

It is important that the components are well-designed. This knowledge is only available to those with a design background. If you want your sign to be a huge success, go the extra mile and create a great sign!


  1. Do not place the sign too high or far

A digital sign should be placed at eye level in your indoor space. People are often walking from one place to the next. Your sign will not be noticed if it is placed too high. You want the sign to be seen by visitors or customers. Consider the location where foot traffic is most common and place your sign there.

  1. Do not add irrelevant information

Relevance is the key. Information that is too large will lead to confusion. It is essential to know what information is most important, and only mention that. The business name is essential, but indoor LED signs do not require address, email, website, and phone number --  customers are already at your store by that time. They can already find all the information they need online.

  1. Do not use signs of low quality

An LED sign should not be a compromise between quality and price. When you use low-quality materials, there is a greater chance that your sign won't last for long. You may see the LED lighting fade away, you may experience flickering and other electrical problems, and the frame might chip.

Indoor signs are often the first thing that people see when they visit your store or organization. Signs that are cheap, ill-designed, and damaged will make a poor first impression and not reflect professionalism. Visitors will feel that you don't put much effort into your business.

  1. Do not blend in with the environment

For example, every business in a shopping center has its own indoor signage. Your signage should be well lit and brightly lit if you want it to stand out in the daylight and at night. Take a look at your competition's use of the same colors. You can use different colors to make your sign stand out so customers see it first.

Your indoor signs play a significant role in making your business stand out from the crowd. Need help? Contact our team of experts at Lightning Quick Signs at 228-467-1718 for a free quotation.

3 Best Places to Install Transparent LED Wall Displays

What is an LED wall display?

An LED wall is essentially a transparent version of a standard LED display panel screen. Although it looks like a glass wall, the LED screen inside allows light to pass through it. A high-quality transparent display measures only 10mm thick. However, due to the material used in manufacturing, its structure, and the installation method, the color saturation levels can range between 50-90%. This makes transparent LEDs one of the most popular options for commercial usage.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the benefits and ideal locations for transparent LED wall displays. Also, we will share some tips on how to use this technology.

Benefits of a Transparent LED Display

With the ability to make an impact on your audience, transparent LED wall displays can be a great way to draw attention. The attention-grabbing characteristics of transparent LED displays are increasingly becoming more popular, as LED signage is now ubiquitous in most markets. There are still many business owners that aren't sure how to incorporate an LED wall display into their shop. Lightning Quick Signs offers our insight on where to place transparent LED screens.

So, where can you use transparent LED wall displays?

  1. Stage Backdrop     

Each stage has its own theme and is unique. You can customize transparent LED screens to reflect any theme. The LED wall display adds a dynamic atmosphere and creates a stunning 3D effect. This transparent display does not pose a problem with stage lighting. A transparent LED screen also has a thin and light body that creates a strong perspective effect. This makes the picture appear much deeper.

  1. Storefront displays

A transparent LED can be used as a store window display to promote your brand. This modular design will draw people to your store, encourage them to stop, and stimulate impulse buying. These displays can be placed directly in front of products. This allows for both static and moving content without blocking the view to products.

You can transform point-of-sale promotion without having to sacrifice visibility or reduce ambient lighting.

  1. Exhibitions, conferences, product launches

Transparent LED wall digital signage screens are the best way for promoting new products. This technology can be used to create eye-catching visual effects and enhance a brand's image through its high resolution. The transparency of the display screen means that customers can see the actual product and learn more about its functionality. A transparent LED display is a great option for special events, such as conferences, hotels, airports, and other venues.

Top Tips in Installing LED wall displays

It doesn't matter if you want to rent space on a video wall or invest in your own LED wall. The huge exposure an LED wall provides is well worth the investment. The ROI is only visible if the installation goes well. While it is a very simple process, here's the information you need to know about installing transparent LED walls.

LED Parking Lot Lighting: Top 3 Benefits

The parking lot is where a visitor begins to have a positive experience with a business. The majority of parking lot lights go unnoticed unless they are of poor quality. A well-lit parking lot makes pedestrians and drivers feel safer and more comfortable. However, when parking lots are poorly lit, it will result in the opposite.

Parking spaces should be well lit. This speaks volumes about the establishment, no matter if it's a business or public institution. It sends the message that people are welcome and the establishment is open to them. There are many advantages to installing LED lighting in a parking garage.

LED Parking Lot Lighting Increase Safety and Security

Customer safety should always be the primary goal of any business. With that, businesses must compensate for the darkness at night because parking lots are naturally lit during the day. Parking lot structures that are properly lit increase visibility -- increased visibility can prevent accidents between pedestrians and drivers, which reduces liability for business owners.

Advanced Tech

LED lighting is directional, unlike HID lighting which focuses only on one area and can result in uneven lighting. They can also be "aimed" to direct more primary light towards a specific area. Businesses and establishments located near residential areas can use directional optics to provide a safer environment, without letting unwanted light into neighboring properties. They are also "dark sky friendly". Smart controls allow remote-controlled lighting from either a central command center or a mobile device. The ability to dim the lights can help save energy, regulate specific groups of lights according to commercial demands and the season. This will maximize light when it is most needed and reduce usage when there is less demand.

New LED Parking Lot Lighting Increase Profitability and Revenue

Customers and patrons will be able to see your business better, which in turn increases safety and your profit. LED parking lot lighting can be a great way of advertising a business. Brightly lit areas signal that businesses are open and help customers and patrons avoid getting lost. 

You will immediately notice the following benefits when upgrading to LED parking lot lighting:

  1. Cost-Efficiency

LED lights can are cost-effective. The average HID (high-intensity discharge) light uses between 100-1000 watts. Ballasts are used in HID lights. They conduct electricity and can consume lots of energy.

Parking lots are big energy consumers and contribute to high electric bills. The electric bill can be cut in half by using LED parking lot lighting.

  1. Energy savings

The HID light consumes 100 to 1000 watts while the LED light consumes 40 to 600 W. The LED lighting reduces energy consumption by between 40%-60%. HID lighting is only able to provide 30 lumens per Watt and loses 75% efficiency between the source area and the target area. A good 4000k LED can deliver more than 115 lumens per Watt to the target.

  1. Low maintenance

Because of their innovative design, LED light fixtures last longer. The light output slowly decreases over time, so the fixtures won't need to be replaced often. Due to its longer shelf life and higher brightness, customers would require fewer light fixtures. This will also help with cost-efficiency. Because LED lights distribute light evenly, light fixtures can be placed more widely throughout the parking lot.

To learn more about LED parking lot lighting, call the Mississippi Gulf Coast lighting experts at 228-467-1718 or visit us online for a FREE quote.

5 Tips to Outdoor LED Sign Success

As an increasing number of businesses adopt digital signage kiosks and displays to communicate every little thing from traffic information to restaurant menu, it has become of importance for digital signage companies to provide solutions that are carefully matched to the exact area where they will be deployed.

On the surface, when it comes to making an outdoor, LED digital-signage solution for a client, there are a couple of distinctions when compared with an indoor solution.

These few distinctions are palpable and in some cases subtle, but we need to pay attention to these important distinctions that can identify whether an outdoor LED installation is a success or nothing but a failure.

Below is a list of the primary points to take into consideration when offering an outdoor LED digital signage solution to a customer:


Brightness is most likely the most important variable to take into consideration when selecting an LED display for an outdoor digital signage project. A close number two -- is contrast. Selecting high-brightness, high-contrast displays are very important if they are to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Even when installed under an awning or other protective enclosures, most monitors will certainly not be bright enough to operate in direct sunlight, unless they have a brightness rating of about 2,000 nits or higher. A nit is an additional means of gauging brightness output.


An additional factor to consider is whether the LED digital signage display is going to be interactive or not. Some people don't know it but LED displays exposed to long periods of direct sunlight exposure might gradually get way too hot to be effective as an interactive touch display screen.

The service provider may intend to suggest that interactive LED monitors mounted in areas with direct sunlight be positioned under a high-quality awning or moved to a place that doesn't get direct sunlight. Newer LED displays are also being made with vandal-resistant safety cover, a very crucial factor to consider in high-traffic or metropolitan areas.


As a whole, pro AV hardwares do not typically like to run in high humidity conditions. Likewise, spec sheets supplied with the system will suggest ideal operating ranges. 

Ideally, service providers need to specify LED panels that can operate within the range of 70 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity within the range of 35 to 65 percent. Anything higher in terms of moisture level could lead to the device malfunctioning.

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating measures the water resistance and protection against solid objects. It also explains exactly how to protect the screen when subjected to various substances and conditions. Ask for high IP rankings for both solid object intrusion and moisture.


When LED monitor specifications, take into account just how rugged the system is. For instance, monitors developed especially for indoor applications ought to not be jury-rigged to perform under extreme conditions. Installers that try such a strategy risk losing clients when the digital signage fails for the reason of cost-cutting.

It's always best to specify an LED display that was created and designed exclusively for use under extreme outdoor conditions, and the price of such innovation needs to constantly be clearly built into your client's budget. Try to choose display screens with protective glass optically bound to the LED screen surface, therefore getting rid of any air cavity that can invite condensation.


The current LED technology offers a vast array of screens with the ability to operate under the most extreme conditions.

You should seek an outdoor-rated LED display screen which has an operating variety of -40 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and, much better still, within an environmental enclosure to keep out dust and other fine particles that can disrupt the display's operation. 

If you need help, don't hesitate to call the experts at Lightning Quick Signs at 228-467-1718 .

7 Reasons to Get a Digital LED Display for Businesses in Hattiesburg


Digital signage is huge! It’s such an incredibly powerful marketing tool that it gets 71 percent more attention than online ads. It is so phenomenal that it’s current market size stands at a whopping $4.7 billion, and it’s expected to register a CAGR of a staggering 6.4 percent by 2027. A digital LED display is an extremely versatile tool, and if your business in Hattiesburg has been capitalizing on it, it’s about time.

This creates a need for your business to find creative and unique ways to advertise and capture customer’s attention. The question is, how can your business advertise effectively in a digital, super competitive world? Three words:  Digital LED display.

In this post, we’ll explore seven of the most important reasons why your business can benefit from digital LED display and why you need to start using it, like yesterday!

1. Digital LED Displays Are Visually Captivating

One of the best things about having a digital LED display is the fact that it’s dynamic, bright, vivid, and comes with incredible attention-grabbing abilities. With the advancement in technology, most digital signage displays come with high resolutions that capture and hold attention. Whether you have indoor and outdoor displays, you’ll attract customers indoors, and passerby attention outdoors, which is a win-win situation.

While any kind of display, such as traditional signs, billboards, and product displays, may attract attention, digital LED displays leverage motion. They capture a surprising 400 percent more attention compared to static signs. If manipulated effectively, your digital LED display will not only attract attention but influence your call-to-action as well.

2. They Are Super Engaging

If there’s one reason you should get a digital LED display for your Hattiesburg business, it’s because it’s going to engage your customers in more ways than you can imagine. Engages shoppers are more likely to become buying customers. The trick here is to use the display to provide information that makes the customers feel comfortable enough to make purchases.

Gone are the days when choppers had to wait until attendants asked if they need help. People are an impatient lot, and if you fail to engage them immediately, they tend to look for other solutions. A digital LED display can help you offer customers self-service, which will effectively affect your sales.

3. You Can Customize Content

Apart from being captivating and engaging, with a digital LED display, you can customize content to your liking. Unlike traditional forms of advertising like signs, banners, and billboards, you can change the content on your digital LED display at a moment's notice and make it whatever you want.

These displays can host videos, images, animations, seasonal specials, text overalls, etcetera. Do you need to hire help to make these changes? Absolutely not!

You can upload content and make changes anytime from a USB stick, from the cloud, or via WiFi. If you have stores in different locations, you can customize all the displays in those locations to display the same messages, sales offers, or promotions, which is incredible for your brand experience. Can you imagine being able to display one message today and another tomorrow with zero costs?

Even better, you can change the messages automatically and change the messages throughout the day, without lifting a finger. An unexpected change in direction can solicit certain responses. Use your digital LED display to invoke those responses and get more customers.

4. Great Recall and Retention Rates

One of the most significant goals of advertisements is to make customers take action. Place orders and make purchases, right? Or some other call-to-action.

However, sometimes the goal is to inform customers about upcoming sales, in-store offers, sales, promotions, and the like. When you use the digital LED display and utilize video, you’re more likely to experience a higher recall than you would with static ads. According to statistics, about 83 percent of people recall an ad they say over the past 30 days, 65 percent recalled two, while over 40 percent recalled three, which is incredible.

5. Low Perceived Waiting Times

People don’t like waiting in line, and for most, a long queue is enough reason to leave. Over 60 percent of shoppers feel that long lines are the most frustrating part of shopping. For this reason, most businesses have adapted to numerous points of sales and self-checkout, which serve to keep customers from leaving.

That said, there is only so much you can do, and sometimes you may not be able to beat those long queues. What to do? Occupied time feels shorter compared to unoccupied time, which means it’ll be easier for people to wait in line if they’re engaged.

A digital LED display will engage your customers and keep them occupied while the line moves. It’ll be over before they realize it’s their turn, which will minimize the chances of leaving your store irritated.

6. Analytics

Most of the benefits that come with digital LED displays and digital signage can be optimized to give you insightful analytics. For instance, you could have a display that allows customers to check the store’s inventory.

It’ll not only keep those customers engaged, but it’ll show you what products were searched for most if sales are consistent, and what you can do to improve those valuable products.

You can even outfit your displays with video cameras to record customer eye movements, which will show you the part of the display that gets most of the attention. It’ll also show you how long shoppers watch the videos. You can use that information to either shorten your videos or replace them with more compelling versions depending on the results you get.

7. Low Maintenance and High Durability

Digital LED displays are durable and only require low maintenance as they are resistant to damage. Unlike traditional signs, billboards, and banners, which are prone to damages and regular upkeep, digital signage is a cost-effective way to advertise and market your business.

Take Advantage of a Digital LED Display Today!

If you’re in Hattiesburg and you’re yet to capitalize on the advantages of a digital LED display, it’s about time you do it. You are missing out on exponential business growth, and once you install it, you get to enjoy its benefits for years to come.

If you’d like to know more, please check out our website. If you want to get your digital LED display as soon as possible, please give us a call, and we’ll hook you up.

5 Benefits of Digital LED Displays for Businesses in Mobile

Are you looking for different ways to garner more attention to your company's brick and mortar store? Perhaps you want a way to show clients they're in the right spot for those times they schedule a meeting at your office. Whatever your reasoning, nothing sets as amazing of a first impression as digital LED displays.

They show off your company's logo in an illustrious light, making all the clients in Mobile, AL give your company a second and third glance.

Be sure to read below for more information on the benefits that digital LED displays can bring you and your company.

1. Boosts Brand Recall

Have you ever had a store that you've driven by several times and admired their high-quality LED sign? While you might not have needed their service right then, odds are, they were the first one you called when you did need their products or services.

Why? Because their sign built brand recall in your mind. It put a mental note in your mind to remember their company simply due to a good-looking sign.

Still not believing that LED signs have that kind of power?

What propels you to try a newly-built restaurant for the first time? What entices you to walk into a store you've never walked into before?

The sign. It piques your interest enough to remember their brand.

While there are many other methods of building brand recall, your digital LED display is the best way to push your brand out into the local market.

2. Directs Focus to Your Store

As you undoubtedly know as a business owner, the aspect where you spend most of your time is convincing different people to walk into your store. If you can do that, then your product and service will sell itself.

How then can you get people to focus enough of their attention on your store? What can separate your company from all the other Mobile, AL businesses around you?

No other sign gathers quite as much attention as a digital LED display. They stick out on the side of the road and direct the eyes of everyone that passes them to the words you've placed on them.

The different messages that you send to your community via your LED display will help you establish your brand. For example, doing things such as wishing people happy birthdays and rooting for the local sports team can make your brand more personable.

3. Pitch Anything That You'd Like

Imagine having the opportunity to pitch different aspects of your business before your customers walk into your store for the very first time. The sales process would begin before you've even met them. Now that's power!

Digital LED displays help you send any message that you desire to the great people of Mobile, AL. You can incentivize them with discounts on certain items, buy one get one promotion, free consultations, and whatever else your heart desires.

They allow you the opportunity to push as many promotions as you'd like, ensuring that everyone who passes by will see them.

You no longer have to spend the first 10 to 15 minutes of your initial meeting explaining discounts and current promotions. Your digital LED display will do that for you!

4. They're Interactive

Gone are the days where people have the attention span to read through stagnant advertising pieces. These days, clients want action. Therefore, it's now interactive ads that rule the world.

Any time you can place motion in your signage, it bodes well for the likelihood your prospects will retain the information you give them. Even subtle things like cutaways and transition animation will bring more attention to your LED sign.

The interaction and motion in your LED display will give off the impression that your brand is more exciting than others. It will also help your company seem more modern than those with stagnant signs.

For example, say you're trying to find a church in Hattiesburg, MS. You find two right across the street from each other; one with an old marquee board and one with a digital LED display.

Odds are, you'll try out the one with the digital display because it seems more modern and exciting than the one with the old, worn-out sign in front. People use this same thought process with the companies they decide to do business with.

5. Easy Installation and Updates

If you're going to pay for a digital LED display, then you'll want to have access to its features relatively quickly.

Lucky for you, they're easy to install almost anywhere. The company you purchase from will have your sign up and running as quickly as possible. Then, the top concern becomes learning how to update the messages on your display.

In order to customize your display, all you need to do is update it via your preferred digital device. It doesn't matter whether it's pouring down rain or sunny skies; you'll be able to update it at any time, day or night.

With such fast installation and easy-to-use features, digital LED displays are a must-have for your business.

Invest in Digital LED Displays for Your Company Today

Now that you've seen all the amazing benefits you can receive with your digital LED displays, it's time to find the right company to purchase from.

Be sure to read up on the sign installation process for more information on what you can expect after purchasing your LED display.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we'll be happy to assist you further.