LED Parking Lot Lighting: Top 3 Benefits

The parking lot is where a visitor begins to have a positive experience with a business. The majority of parking lot lights go unnoticed unless they are of poor quality. A well-lit parking lot makes pedestrians and drivers feel safer and more comfortable. However, when parking lots are poorly lit, it will result in the opposite.

Parking spaces should be well lit. This speaks volumes about the establishment, no matter if it's a business or public institution. It sends the message that people are welcome and the establishment is open to them. There are many advantages to installing LED lighting in a parking garage.

LED Parking Lot Lighting Increase Safety and Security

Customer safety should always be the primary goal of any business. With that, businesses must compensate for the darkness at night because parking lots are naturally lit during the day. Parking lot structures that are properly lit increase visibility -- increased visibility can prevent accidents between pedestrians and drivers, which reduces liability for business owners.

Advanced Tech

LED lighting is directional, unlike HID lighting which focuses only on one area and can result in uneven lighting. They can also be "aimed" to direct more primary light towards a specific area. Businesses and establishments located near residential areas can use directional optics to provide a safer environment, without letting unwanted light into neighboring properties. They are also "dark sky friendly". Smart controls allow remote-controlled lighting from either a central command center or a mobile device. The ability to dim the lights can help save energy, regulate specific groups of lights according to commercial demands and the season. This will maximize light when it is most needed and reduce usage when there is less demand.

New LED Parking Lot Lighting Increase Profitability and Revenue

Customers and patrons will be able to see your business better, which in turn increases safety and your profit. LED parking lot lighting can be a great way of advertising a business. Brightly lit areas signal that businesses are open and help customers and patrons avoid getting lost. 

You will immediately notice the following benefits when upgrading to LED parking lot lighting:

  1. Cost-Efficiency

LED lights can are cost-effective. The average HID (high-intensity discharge) light uses between 100-1000 watts. Ballasts are used in HID lights. They conduct electricity and can consume lots of energy.

Parking lots are big energy consumers and contribute to high electric bills. The electric bill can be cut in half by using LED parking lot lighting.

  1. Energy savings

The HID light consumes 100 to 1000 watts while the LED light consumes 40 to 600 W. The LED lighting reduces energy consumption by between 40%-60%. HID lighting is only able to provide 30 lumens per Watt and loses 75% efficiency between the source area and the target area. A good 4000k LED can deliver more than 115 lumens per Watt to the target.

  1. Low maintenance

Because of their innovative design, LED light fixtures last longer. The light output slowly decreases over time, so the fixtures won't need to be replaced often. Due to its longer shelf life and higher brightness, customers would require fewer light fixtures. This will also help with cost-efficiency. Because LED lights distribute light evenly, light fixtures can be placed more widely throughout the parking lot.

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6 Tips for Installing LED Parking Lot Lights for Businesses

Are you consider placing lights in your company's parking lot? If so, then you can't go wrong with LED lighting, the most efficient and effective lighting option there is!

Placing lights in your parking lot is crucial for the safety of your property and your employees. You want them to know they're protected from harm, even after working late hours into the evening.

However, there are certain considerations that you should make whenever you plant new parking lot lights in.

See below for several tips on how to install parking lot lights that will serve your company well for years to come!

1. Find the Right Fixtures

No two parking lots are created equal. They all present their different challenges of sizes, shapes, levels, and lighting needs.

To have your LED parking lot lights be as effective as possible for your Mobile, AL business, you need to find the right fixtures for the job. Doing so can ensure the lighting is effective and covers as much area you need, no more, no less.

There are several different parking lot light fixtures to choose from. You might need floodlights, HID ballast lights, wall packs, low bays, high bays, or metal halide lights. Maybe you need a combination of all six!

Choosing between the types of fixtures can help you save as much money as possible on this project. However, you won't be sacrificing the effectiveness of the parking lot lights by doing so. Be sure to consider what your Hattiesburg, MS business might need.

2. Assess the Parking Lot As-Is

Before you go making a huge investment and placing a bunch of lights around your parking lot, you need to assess the current needs that you have. The only way to do that is by assessing the lot as it currently stands.

There are many different things to consider during this part of the process. First off, you need to measure the size of your parking lot. If your lot has more than one level, be sure to draw a layout for each one.

Second, be on the lookout for things such as trees, bushes, and declines that might be a nuisance to the parking lot lights you install. Is there another fixture you can put around that obstacle to make the lighting more effective?

Next, start to think through the proper distance between poles. So if a basic 20 foot LED light pole will cover 40 feet wide and 20 feet in front of it, then do the math to figure out two things.

First, count how many light poles you'll need to cover your parking lot effectively. And second, measure out the proper distance between each of them.

3. Use Transition Lights

Have you ever found it difficult to see into a parking garage on a sunny day? Human eyes need a few moments to adjust to different lighting.

However, those mere moments could potentially become a risk for a car accident if the person pulling into the garage doesn't see a car that's pulling out. Luckily, there are transition lights that you can place at the entrances and exits of your parking lot.

These handy lights are used to help the drivers adjust from the light outside (or lack thereof) to the brightness of your new LED lighting. They ensure safety for anyone that's driving in or out of your parking lot, preventing accidents along the way!

4. Eradicate Dark Corners

Many companies make the mistake of disregarding placing light fixtures into the back corners of their parking lots. They think that since the back corners aren't used for people to park, there's no need to install light poles around them.

That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, not putting energy efficient lighting fixtures around them and allowing dark corners might draw unethical or illegal activity.

The parking lot lights that you install should be used as just as much of a security feature as they are a source of light. Make sure that your entire parking lot is covered so that it repels criminals after business hours.

5. Set a Budget

As with any other additions that you've made to your company's property, your parking lot lighting needs should start by setting a budget. This will ensure that you stay in the green after the LED lighting fixtures are put into place.

More importantly, it will help you find the right company to purchase from. Lighting companies of integrity will help you receive all the fixtures and installation you need for the right price point.

They won't sell you on anything you don't need, maintaining focus on what's important: your company's security.

6. Consider the Signage

One important aspect that many companies don't consider is where your lighting will line up in relation to your signage.

It's important for employees and clients alike to be able to see directional signage during the day and night. For that reason, you need to make sure your signage works well with LED lighting.

Make sure your signs are placed in the proper spots and are made of materials that won't glare when the light shines on them.

Install the LED Parking Lot Lights for Your Needs

Now that you've seen several helpful tips for installing LED parking lot lights, it's time to get things in motion!

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